About Akshat The Priority

AKSHAT THE PRIORITY was founded in 1998  to address the emerging challenge of the time creating timeless and sustainable buildings, neighborhood for current and future generations.  AKSHAT THE PRIORITY provides unique and distinctive design solution within the economic and developmental constraints of all clients.

We have successfully accomplished more than thousands of projects and our designed & technically planned projects involves above 1Lac square meter of constructed area.

The name AKSHAT THE PRIORITY is derived from the founder Er. Manoj Kanani Since the foundation, we have always believed in individuality, followed people-oriented approach and given back good work to society.

We work at multiple scales and with various organization right from private clients to corporate. This allows us to diversify our work. We have experience in design and execution of commercial, residential, institutional, industrial, recreational and religious projects where-in architecture are interwoven to release the built environment.

AKSHAT THE PRIORITY is a big family comprising of architects,  project management professionals all who are committed to doing good architecture together to support clear roles and responsibilities . We continuously work on individual development to raise the bar of creativity, energy , skill, competence and dedication.

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each individual is the team”