Er. Manoj L Kanani

He is the founder of AKSHAT THE PRIORITY. He has graduates architecture from the prestigious college Government Polytechnic Ahmedabad His beliefs in creating a functional architecture of lasting beauty that communicates

Er. Ketan K Patel

Has graduated Engineering from the renowned Vishwakarma Government Engineering College. His quest for knowledge has lead him to pursue masters in urban planning.

meaning while cultivating relationship. He has always strived to prove himself better by each project. His experience of more than 20 years is the treasure of AKSHAT THE PRIORITY. His understanding, experience, creativity and urge for good work distinguish him from others.

He believes that “architecture is a design oriented practice that focuses on achieving successful solutions to each project by striving for an honest language”
He is young and dynamic and emerging architect of the time. His vision for creating new and unique designs and construction technology has AKSHAT THE PRIORITY helped to reach a new height of success. He stresses only about good work.

Govindbhai L Kanani

Managing Director & Co-founder

Kalpesh L Kanani

Administrative Director

Rushabh G Kanani

Legal Consultant

Tarun Patel

Business Relationship Manager

Pankaj Rathod

civil engineer

Rutvika Kanani

Civil Engineer

Nirav Panchal

civil engineer

Tushar Patel

civil engineer

Poonam Shah

civil engineer

Rahul Sharma

civil engineer

Prashant Hirpara

civil engineer

Ashish Desai

civil engineer

Kuntika Kanani

IT & Creative Head

Nildeep Patel